The Confessor

I like to tell people “It all started when, at the tender age of eight, I mistakenly named my dog the Russian equivalent of ‘Copulate’.” Though that doesn’t make much sense in this context so  I’ll start again.

Hi, my name’s Robyn. I’m a 20-year-old English girl hiding in this corner of the interweb to escape the judgemental reading of relatives and peers. It’s all a bit skew-wiff around these parts at the moment as I’m trying to deal with mental and physical illness and a chronic addiction to the Sims. Please excuse the mess, I promise I’ll get round to cleaning up as soon as I have stopped living my life vicariously through computer simulated folk.

I began blogging as a means of clearing my head of all the “big thoughts” that stream through my mind as I make my pitiful attempts at sleeping. Problems soon arose when I realised that half the things I think about at  night also happened to be things I was too embarrassed to publish for fear of them being read by my family, but by the time I figured this out I had already linked all over my Twitter page. Thus Project Confessional was born.

It’s not as fun as it sounds, sorry to disappoint, rather than dishing the dirt on my social life (I don’t have one) I am more likely to whine about my woes or write odes to my dog. I do try to refrain from talking about my Sims 3 vice as that would be too sad, even for me.


So maybe you like me? Maybe you think we could go somewhere, be something? Or maybe you just want to gossip, bitch and share outside of the world of blogging? Who knows, but if for whatever reason you would like to get in contact with me, refer to the following links.




I think that’s all for now, although should you want to, you could also email me at For funsies, you know?


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